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So, Australia was beautiful and big. I was in Perth, Western Australia to be exact. When we arrived, the weather was cold. It was winter then. I have to aclimatize because I came from the Tropics. Our season was different. Although there is the similarity when it comes to summer. When spring came, I was so looking forwad to enjoying the ride and seeing places. I have to have those everlastings and other blooms that will grace my house. I have to visit friends that live on the farm and enjoy the scenery. True enough, one day we set out to visit another Filipina and her Australian husband. They have a hobby farm. Upon reaching the place, I was so enamored by the presence of so many wild flowers. The wild flowers you don't have the guts to mow. Or you don't mow in the farm. You live a space for enjoyment and picking up flowers. And that's exactly what I did. I heade with my friend to where the wildflowers were with a basket and my chocolates. I was so busy with the flowers, I did not realize "flies" were abundant. You have to have the Australian salute to buzz them away. I was so bubbly chatting with my friend, I always have my mouth open. And that's when it happened. One single fly went straight to my mouth and I gagged halfway through my words. I SWALLOWED THE DAMN FLY!
I could not believe it. I puked and all the chocolates I ate came back out. My friend laughed so hard but with her hands on her mouth to avoid the flies. That was my first lesson with the Australian salute and the pesky fly. I NEVER SWALLOWED ANOTHER ONE SINCE THEN.

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Я люблю свою жену. И хочу, чтобы мы в будущем могли себе позволить больше, чем сейчас. Чтобы мы жили на собственной вилле, ни в чем себе не отказывали, купались в роскоши. Для этого надо многого добиться, сделать карьеру. Я не могу вам полностью рассказать, кем я работаю в данное время, потому что…
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